The Best Camping Tables for Your Next Adventure in 2023

Camping in comfort goes hand-in-hand with having a solid place to sit, prepare meals, and play games together. So adding the best camping tables make all the difference when cooking, socialising, and dining al fresco at your tent or caravan.

Whether you opt for a basic folding table, an overlanding table with storage, or a prep table with food surfaces, the variety of camping tables available means you can find the perfect option to suit your needs.

A good camping table needs to be sturdy, weather-resistant, and easy to transport and set up. Whether you need a table suited for a family of four or a compact one-person model for adventure hiking, discovering the right portable table can elevate your camp cooking and help make great memories outdoors.

Read on as we reveal the 10 best camping tables across various categories to suit every camper’s needs and budget.

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What does Outdoor gear reviews recommend?

After extensive testing across a wide range of folding camp tables, the Helinox Table One Hardtop stands out as our top recommendation for most campers. Thanks to its extremely sturdy aluminum honeycomb frame paired with the rigid high pressure laminate top, it provides exceptional strength and stability for meals, games, and drinks at your site.

We love that it packs down remarkably small for easy transport in the included carry case, yet sets up in seconds to comfortably accommodate 2-4 people. The weatherproof hardtop surface also makes it more durable, spill-resistant and easy to clean than fabric tops.

While it commands a premium price, the Helinox Table One Hardtop earns its reputation as the ultimate folding camping table for campers focused on quality, portability, and fuss-free functionality. We think it’s a worthy investment that will enhance camping comfort and enjoyment for years to come.

Best Camping tables for 2023

#1 Helinox Table One Hardtop

The Helinox Table One Hardtop offers the ultimate in sturdy, rock-solid folding tables thanks to its durable aluminium frame paired with a high pressure laminate top. Weighing just 1.48kg, it packs down remarkably small for easy transport while still accommodating 2-4 campers comfortably once set up.

  • Highly durable aluminium honeycomb frame rated up to 50kg
  • Hardtop surface sturdier than fabric tops
  • Easy setup in seconds with no tools required
  • Packs down small into carry case for portability
  • Weather and stain resistant

  • Expensive at around £145
  • Hardtop less flexible than fabric surfaces for packing

For campers wanting supreme stability and a table that will last for years, the Helinox Hardtop is a top quality choice worth the investment. Just be ready to pay a premium for the brand name and materials.

Helinox camping table hardtop on beach with two people sat next to it
Helinox one table with blue legs ranked one of the best camping tables

#2 Coleman Square folding camping table

The Coleman Square Folding Table offers an affordable, portable option that gets the job done for casual campers. The aluminium frame keeps weight down to just over 4kg while supporting up to 40kg lbs when set up.

  • medium price at around £60
  • Lightweight and compact folding design
  • Decent 80 x 80 cm size for 4 people
  • Sturdy enough for regular weekend use
  • Carry bag included

  • Durability not on par with pricier models
  • Fabric top more prone to spills/stains
  • Max weight capacity lower than heavy duty tables
  • Limited colour options

Overall, this inexpensive Coleman folding table is ideal for budget-conscious campers needing a basic table for meals and fun. Just don’t expect the ruggedness of more expensive models and opt for wipe clean surfaces.

Coleman folding table with gas burner on top
coleman camping table aluminium


The Quechua Low Folding Table offers great bang for your buck. Despite its budget-friendly price, it boasts sturdy construction with an aluminium frame supporting up to 30 kg when set up.

  • Very affordable at around £25
  • Low folded height perfect for folding chairs
  • Decent 80 x 60 cm size works for 2-4 people
  • Carry handle for easy transport
  • Folds up completely flat for packing

  • Not as durable as more expensive models
  • Plastic feet could be more stable
  • Fabric top more prone to wear
  • Limited colour choice in grey.

For occasional campers looking for an inexpensive but usable folding table, the Quechua is a great choice that will get the job done. Just don’t expect it to last forever or provide the same stability as heavier tables.

low folding table mh100
low folding table mh100 buy now

#4 Helinox Café Table

The lightweight yet strong Helinox Cafe Table offers the perfect height for enjoying drinks and snacks in comfort at your campsite. It folds down remarkably small for a table of its size.

  • Height of 36 inches is ideal for chairs
  • Strong aluminium and polyester construction
  • Supports up to 50kg capacity
  • Packs into carry case just 43 x 7 inches
  • Easy and quick tool-free setup

  • High price around £200
  • Fabric top prone to spills
  • Relatively small 39 x 31 inch size
  • Carry case is an additional expense

If you want a cafe-style outdoor table that’s built to last and is still highly portable, the Helinox Cafe Table delivers. Just prepare to make a significant investment for the versatile design and premium quality. You will be getting one of the best camping tables however.

Helinox cafe table with dimensions
cage table helinox with buy now button


The Regatta Cena table offers a functional, affordable camping table option made of powder-coated steel. It’s best suited for casual camping a few times a year.

  • Low price usually under £50
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Folds up compactly
  • Carry bag included

  • One of the heavier tables at over 4kg
  • Not as sturdy or durable as pricier models
  • Assembly requires tools
  • Fabric top shows dirt and spills
  • Plain appearance

For budget-conscious campers needing a basic table that can handle meals for 4, the Regatta Cena gets the job done. Just don’t expect something for heavy duty long-term use. The convenience and price make it one of the best camping tables for occasional weekends away.

regatta centa folding table
regatta cena table fully extended

#6 Coleman Packaway

The Coleman Packaway offers campers a lightweight and versatile 4-in-1 portable table. The aluminium frame ensures it packs down small for transport while the adjustable height legs make it adaptable.

  • Multi-use 4-in-1 design as dining table, coffee table, extended buffet or collapsed carry bag
  • Table for four with two bench seats
  • Bench seats stored inside table when folded up
  • Aluminium frame packs down into integrated bag

  • Thin aluminium prone to bending with heavy use
  • Plastic latches could be more durable
  • Heavy due to additional padded seats with a total weight of 8.4kg

For campers wanting an adaptable, packable table on a budget, the Coleman Packaway makes easy work of transport and can serve multiple functions. Just take care not to overload it with weight during use and transport.

coleman table outside with family using it
coleman table and bench with buy now button

6 Best camping tables compared

TableWeightSizeFrame MaterialTable cost
Helinox Table One Hardtop1.48 kg76 x 57 cmAluminium£158
Coleman Square Camp Table4.7 kg80 x 80 cmAluminium£68
Quechua Low Folding Table2.55 kg80 x 60 cmAluminium£25
Helinox Cafe Table3.5 kg52 x 58 cmAluminium£200
Regatta Cena Camp Table4.5 kg90 x 60 cmSteel£50
Coleman Packaway 4-in-18.4 kg90 x 57 cmAluminium£100

Finding the Best Camping Tables for Campsite Gatherings

After comparing some of the best camping tables available in 2023, we hope we’ve provided helpful insights to choose the perfect model for your needs.

When deciding, weigh your priorities carefully – if maximizing portability is key, opt for lighter weight aluminium or plastic tables that fold up compactly. Seek out larger surface areas if you plan to regularly host 4+ people for camping meals. Hardtop table tops offer durability to withstand frequent outdoor use.

Ultimately, the Helinox Table One Hardtop rises above the rest to earn our top recommendation. This expertly engineered camping table strikes the ideal balance between sturdy and lightweight. The incredibly compact frame weighs just 1.87kg but provides a spacious 80 x 80cm eating surface when set up.

The durable hardtop tabletop handles up to 40kg of weight and resists damage from the elements. Intuitive thumb latches make assembly fast and tool-free. We love the carrying case with shoulder strap for easy transport. For unmatched portability without sacrificing durability and usable space for gatherings, the Helinox Table One Hardtop is a campsite crowning achievement.

Whichever camping table you select, choose wisely – it will serve as the central hub for meals, games, and quality time with your fellow outdoor enthusiasts for years to come. We hope our reviews help you find the perfect match. Now get out there, pitch your tent, fire up the camp stove, and enjoy the best camping tables in the heart of nature!

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