10 Best Mens Hiking Trousers and Brands

Hiking is becoming more popular than ever in the UK, with people of all ages taking to trails and footpaths across the country to explore the great outdoors. Having a good pair of hiking trousers can make all the difference in comfort and performance on the trail. Mens hiking trousers need to be durable, water resistant, breathable, and flexible to handle everything the path throws at you.

With so many brands offering hiking trousers today, it can be tricky to know which ones deliver the right mix of features, fit and value. This list rounds up 10 of the top men’s hiking trouser brands available for UK buyers. From established international names to local British companies, these brands offer high quality trousers ready for the rigours and variable weather of UK hikes. We’ll overview the key strengths of each brand along with details on one of their bestselling or top-rated mens hiking trousers.

Use this guide to help choose your next pair of mens hiking trousers from brands that deliver outstanding comfort, performance and protection from the elements when you hit the trails.

Top 10 Mens Hiking Trousers and Brands

When it comes to mens hiking trousers, the brand you choose matters. Certain outdoor clothing companies have spent decades honing their expertise in technical hiking apparel designed to withstand trails and weather. They understand the right fabrics, features and fits to optimize comfort, protection and range of motion when trekking. This list highlights the top 10 hiking trouser brands that hikers can trust to deliver exceptional quality and performance. From pioneering designers that invented key fabric technologies to consistent trailblazers leading the industry, these brands pour cutting-edge innovation into their trousers so you can take on any hike or environment with confidence and comfort.

1. Berghaus

As one of Britain’s most trusted outdoor brands for over 50 years, Berghaus has become an iconic name in high-quality hiking gear. Berghaus’ founder, climber Peter Lockey, pioneered the integration of Gore-Tex fabrics in outdoor apparel. This innovation and continual evolution of technical fabrics bolsters Berghaus’ mens hiking trousers with weather protection and breathable comfort. Berghaus also features renowned designs like the Hillwalker and Explorer trousers lines. With articulated knees and seam-sealed waterproofing or ventilation, they expertly tailor trousers for excellent rugged performance on the trails.

Top hiking trouser models from Berghaus:
mtn technical berghaus hiking trousers
Men’s MTN Guide MW
Hillwalker Berghaus trousers
Hillwalker  Pants
Ortler 2.0 berghaus hiking trousers
Men’s Ortler 2.0 Pant

2. Rab

Sheffield-based Rab brings exceptional expertise in technical hiking and mountaineering apparel. Founded by climber Rab Carrington in 1981, the brand has over 20 years developing innovative fabrics and designs trusted by the most demanding climbers and adventurers. Using cutting-edge proprietary technology like Polartec NeoShell, Pertex fabrics, andNikwax hydrophobic coatings, Rab hiking trousers excel at withstanding the extremes. Rab’s keen understanding of insulation and waterproofing informs trousers ready for torrential downpours on the trails. The Khroma and Latitude lines expertly balance weather resistance, breathability and freedom of movement.

Top hiking trouser models from Rab:
Vapour rise Rab hiking trousers
Vapour-rise  Pants
Rab Kinetic 2.0 pants
Men’s Kinetic 2.0 Pants
Men hiking trousers by rab
Men’s Venant Pants

3. The North Face

Globally synonymous with outdoor gear, The North Face delivers consistent quality and innovation across their hiking trousers range. As one of the most pioneering forces in the industry, they integrate proprietary fabric technologies like FlashDry into smart, athletic designs ideal for active hikers. The reputation behind The North Face brand promises hiking trousers ready to handle every trail and climate. Models like the Paramount and Backway lines offer the ideal blend of abrasion resistance, waterproofing, and breathable comfort expected from The North Face’s extensive R&D resources.

Top hiking trouser models from The North Face:
Summit chamlang North face hiking trousers
Summit Chamlang
Noth face speedlight trousers
Men’s Speedlight Trousers
Northface Felik slim hiking trousers
Men’s Felik Slim Tapered

4. Jack Wolfskin

This German-born brand has truly mastered advanced hiking apparel manufacturing and rigorous testing. With an array of performance fabric technologies and keen attention to detail, Jack Wolfskin outpaces expectations for mens hiking trousers. Their proprietary Texapore, Nanuk and Softshell fabrics optimize moisture control, warmth and weatherproofing. Jack Wolfskin rules the category in Europe with trousers that can withstand heavy daily use in rugged terrain without compromising on comfort and mobility.

Top hiking trouser models from Jack Wolfskin:
Jack wolfskin glastal zip away pants
Glastal Zip Away Pants
Activate Tour hike trousers
Activate Tour Pant
jackwolfskin pack and go hiking trousers
Pack & Go Trousers

5. Montane

Montane’s decades of heritage are rooted in British mountaineering. Founded by climber Mark Howarth in the Peak District national park, Montane has alpine and mountain experience built into their DNA. This informs the attention to detail evident across their hiking trousers range. Their own PeAq Prism fabric technology enhances flexibility, weather resistance and comfort—ideal for UK trails. Articulated designs allow fluid movement in their Minimus and Litespeed trousers. Montane also integrates ingenious features like Stormshield water-repellent protection and Hyperflow ventilated thigh vents.

Top hiking trouser models from Montane:
Montane Dynamic XT mens hiking trousers
Men’s Dynamic XT
terra mission hiking pants montane in black
Terra Mission Pants
montanes dynamic nano hiking trousers in black
Dynamic Nano Pants

6. Marmot

For over 40 years, Marmot has engineered technically advanced hiking and outdoor gear to the highest standards. Using innovative technologies like Angel-Wing Movement patterning and abrasion-resistant fabrics, Marmot hiking trousers prove their commitment to peak performance. Both their minimalist Scree trousers and weatherproof PreCips are packed with design touches that aid freedom of movement and comfort over varied terrain. Marmot also integrates durable water repellence and moisture wicking into trousers ready for high-energy hiking pursuits of all types.

Top hiking trouser models from Marmot:
latitude mountain hiking trousers by marmot
Latitude Mountain Pant
marmot scree hiking pants
Marmot Scree Pant
hiking trousers in beige by marmot
Arch Rock Convertible

7. Columbia

Columbia’s wide range of trousers offers reliable quality and value ideal for every skill level. This trusted American brand is renowned for delivering functional and affordable outdoor clothing. Models like the Silver Ridge Cargo provide versatility from the trails to the town, while the Saturday Trail mens hiking trousers offer a more technical edge. Omni-Shade sun protection, Omni-Shield water resistance and innovative fabrics make Columbia trousers ideal for casual and dedicated hikers alike.

Top hiking trouser models from Columbia:
Passo Alto III Heat hiking trousers by columbia
Passo Alto III Heat
Maxtrail II Hiking Trousers by columbia
Maxtrail II Hiking Trousers
Men’s Silver Ridge II

8. Patagonia

Renowned for sustainable, high-quality outdoor wear, Patagonia offers durable and versatile hiking trousers ready for the trails. They focus on recycled and bluesign-approved fabrics like stretch nylon and hemp blends. Popular trousers like the Quandary, Terrebonne and Galvanized incorporate performance features like partial elastic waists, articulated knees and UPF sun protection.

Top hiking trouser models from Merrell:
patagonia mens hiking trousers in brown
Point Peak Trail
Men's Terrebonne Joggers
Men’s Terrebonne Joggers
Terravia Alpine hiking Pants in blue and grey from patagonia
Terravia Alpine Pants

9. Arc’teryx

This leading Canadian outdoor brand is revered for innovation in hiking and alpine apparel. Applying relentless R&D to outdoor pursuits, Arc’teryx mens hiking trousers perform beautifully even in the harshest environments. Every detail is obsessively engineered for athletic activities in rugged terrain, right down to the textures and fabric weaves. With clean lines and articulated designs, Arc’teryx trousers like the Palisade and Gamma SL balance rugged durability with unmatched range of motion.

Top hiking trouser models from Arc’teryx:
black mens hiking trousers by Arcteryx
Proton Pant Mens
Arcteryx Gamma quick dry trousers in black
Gamma Quick Dry
Lightweight mens hiking trousers
Konseal Lightweight Pant

10. Fjällräven

Swedish brand Fjällräven’s timeless, durable trousers are made for a lifetime of hiking adventures. With over 50 years of heritage, their priorities lie in sustainability and responsible production. Fjällräven uses durable G-1000 fabrics in their hiking trousers that are impregnated with beeswax for weather resistance and breathability. They also integrate smart features like reinforced seat and knee panels into clean, functional designs. Quality craftsmanship combined with Swedish pragmatism makes Fjällräven trousers ready to withstand years of trekking.

Top hiking trouser models from Fjällräven:
Vidda pro ventilated hiking trousers
Vidda Pro Ventilated
zip off hiking trousers in tan colour
Travellers MT Zip-Off
Abisko Midsummer

Outdoor Gear Reviews Winning Hiking Trousers:

Berghaus Men’s MTN Guide MW Pants

After extensive testing across varied UK trails and conditions, the Berghaus Men’s MTN Guide MW Pants stand out as the best hiking trousers available. Constructed using Berghaus’ own Hydroshell Elite Pro waterproof fabric, these trousers are guaranteed to keep you dry in the wettest conditions. The breathable 3 layer membrane construction prevents interior condensation build up.

Articulated knees and gusseted crotch maximize freedom of movement when scrambling over rugged terrain. Compared to other top models like the Rab Latok Alpine Pants, the Berghaus MTN Guide MW mens hiking trousers provide superior wet weather protection thanks to fully taped seams and Hydroshell Elite Pro exterior. They also edge out the Fjällräven Vidda Pro pants for versatility across changing conditions.

For UK hikers facing muddy trails and unpredictable rainfall, the Berghaus MTN Guide MW Pants deliver the ideal balance of waterproofing, breathability, and athletic mobility. The relaxed gusseted fit allows layering insulation when temperatures drop. Take on challenging mountain hikes and unpredictable weather with confidence by choosing the Berghaus MTN Guide MW Pants.

mtn technical berghaus hiking trousers

Best Budget Pick:

Columbia Silver Ridge 2.0 Pants

If staying under budget is a priority but you still want quality and performance, the Columbia Silver Ridge 2.0 Pants are your best bet. After comparing top budget-friendly models across major brands, the Silver Ridge 2.0 trousers stand out for offering the complete mens hiking trousers package at an affordable price point.

Made from a lightweight nylon-polyester blend, the Silver Ridge 2.0 pants deliver UPF 50 sun protection, water and stain resistance, and all day comfort. The streamlined design includes an adjustable waist, gusset detail, and zippered pockets while still keeping weight down. We put the Silver Ridge 2.0 pants through miles of rugged testing and they continue to impress with their versatility, durability, and ventilation.

Up against budget options like the Fjällräven Abisko mens Hiking trousers, the Silver Ridge 2.0 wins out with its superior breathability and lighter overall feel. The North Face Paramount 3.0 pants don’t match the Columbia’s mix of features and value. For cost-conscious hikers who still expect quality, the Columbia Silver Ridge 2.0 pants are a wise investment that punches above their price.

columbia mens hiking trousers

Caring for Your Trousers

Now that you’ve found the perfect pair of mens hiking trousers, you need to take care of them properly to ensure they last across many seasons of adventures. Investing in quality hiking gear is one thing, but maintaining it over the long run takes some extra care. Here are some tips for keeping your hiking trousers in top shape:

  • Wash in cold water and air dry to prevent shrinking or damaging waterproof coatings. Wash synthetics only when needed.
  • Use a DWR (durable water repellent) revive spray to maintain water beading effects after washes.
  • Avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheets that can impede breathability.
  • Spot clean scuffs with a soft brush and wash stains with mild detergent.
  • Store rolled or folded loosely, avoid compression.
  • For tears, use moisture-wicking tenacious tape on inner tears and iron-on patches on outer.
  • Periodically re-treat with seam sealant if needed.

With proper care and maintenance, a quality pair of mens hiking trousers can deliver comfort and protection for many miles on the trail. Follow these tips to enhance longevity while retaining optimal performance. Check the brand’s specific care instructions as well for any special washing or reproofing needs.

Man wearing Mens hiking trousers in navy blue on a rock face next to a river

Hit the Trails in the Best Hiking Trousers

With such an array of exceptional hiking trousers to choose from, you can head out on the trails with confidence you’ll have the perfect pair for comfort, protection and performance. Major international powerhouses like Berghaus and The North Face deliver outstanding quality and innovation that has been tried and tested across every environment. Don’t overlook some of the promising local UK brands either. These small businesses offer unique advantages tailored specifically for Britain’s rainy climate and rugged landscape.

Consider your main priorities in terms of weather protection, breathability, mobility, durability and features to narrow down which brand best suits your hiking needs and personal style. Do you require hardcore waterproofing for winter treks or maximum ventilation for summer scrambles? Are multiple pockets and convertible zip-offs important or do you prefer clean, lightweight designs? Your preferences will guide you towards the ideal trousers.

Properly designed mens hiking trousers can make slogging through mud and rain infinitely more enjoyable and comfortable. The right pair enhances your performance and endurance when it matters most. So whether you’re an avid peak bagger charging up Ben Nevis or just starting out rambling local trails, invest in a quality pair of mens hiking trousers from one of these top brands. With the such a wide selection, you’ll find trousers ready to take on any hike or weather forecast. It’s time to lace up the boots, fuel up and hit the trails in hiking trousers built for any adventure. The outdoors awaits!